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Where can I get Warframe stats provided by DE?



I want to know the top most used frames and weapons out of curiosity and because they're most likely to be nerfed. I would also like to know the least used weapons and frames because they're the ones that needs the most rework.

Then there's the "which syndicate has the most players?" (to picked the opposite of to trade). Which planetary nodes are picked the most (to see where and what people farm). What is the average of kuva lich kills per player? What is the average player play time and the median play time? They released the intrinsic distribution levels a few months ago for pc. 

What are the most killed bosses? Just basic random data that would be fun to browse through. 

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That page doesn't exist: only Rebb and the her team has those numbers, and while they do show them once in a while, they've stated that they're opting not to show it consistently () at least with the questions of most/least used warframes and weapons) due to the fact that they believe people will be over-looking the data and using it as ammo to justify reworks, changes, etc. That's what they said in the... last devstream of 2019... I think? I'll need to rewatch it to confirm.

All we have are the loot chance stats and the average riven weekly riven prices (by platform; will update to give out the links).

EDIT: Links for:

Riven Trading: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Loot Chance drops: Link

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