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Energy/laser Based Weapons Idea


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Currently in the game... energy/laser based weapons  (in my opinion... not talking for anyone else) feel too similar to normal weapons..


What do I mean and what do I have in mind ?


I'll use the SUPRA as an example  ( here is the supra for those who dont know what it is  http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Supra )

The Supra uses rifle ammo...


     What if the Supra used a different type of ammo ? lets call this ammo type a "Battery" for now. This battery when fully charged will start at 100% charge. Depending on the energy weapon being used, each shot will consume a set ammount of the battery's charge. The Supra would consume 1% of its charge for every 5 shots.



But Seperta, that would mean that you could just hold the trigger down and shoot a total of 500 bullets without having to reload at all !


     I know this, which is why I also though about an "artificial" reload for those trigger happy people out there by using a new mechanic that uses temperature... Using 20% of the charge continuously (100 shots) will cause the weapon to "overheat", there by forcing you to stop shooting completly until the gun cools down enough for it to be used once more.


as an example for overheating... i guess a real life video of overheating would be perfect...



Wouldn't that be the same as leaving the guns as they currently are ?


     Here is the thing, by using the weapon in bursts, you would keep the weapon on a temperature low enough that would allow you to use the entire battery without overheating, which would give energy weapons like the supra and the dera an advantage over "hitscan" weapons as the Braton... energy weapon shots have a travel time... but wont need to reload... while a weapon like the braton or soma have the advantage of instant damage but will need to reload sooner or later...




What would happen to an energy weapon like the Synapse or flux rifle that has instant damage while also being an energy weapon ?


     The Synapse and flux rifle both share something in common, their fire rate can not be increased, which means that their damage output will suffer when compared to other weapons that CAN be increased with mods like "Speed trigger". They also don't have unlimited range, so they would be exceptions on the hit scan VS energy weapon travel time difference...




What if i run out of battery charge ? (battery charge reaches 0%)


     I also thought about this. batteries would drop like normal ammo does! With the downside of the batteries being rare, more so than sniper ammo boxes

I apologize for any grammar mistakes that I might have made as english is not my main language (atleast my english is about average if not better)

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I thought about it for a while, and maybe it could work in that it relies solely on cooldowns rather than ammo. Think of this: firing builds up heat in the weapon to the point of overheating. Burst fire is preferred because it allows cooldown breaks between firing. Also, the cooldown time for firing 5 shots will be exponentially shorter than for 50 shots. The idea here would be that if you fire a whole "clip", the weapon will overheat and a massive cooldown will be applied. This forces controlled, strategic firing if one plans on surviving the match. the cooldown penalty for overheating, and the cooldown/overheat system in general could be enough of a limit compared to weapons that use ammo drops.

I must reiterate that I am all for this idea, its just that DE has a lot on its plate. However, if the tales are true, this thread will be seen.

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