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Asymptotic armour scaling is not the solution. Removing armour scaling is.

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16 hours ago, Cpl_Facehugger said:

Remember, enemy health and damage scales up as it stands, armor scaling just increases enemy durability exponentially. Problem is that the playerbase needs to kill armored and unarmored enemies both, sometimes even in the same mission.

And also that not only do the players need to kill these enemies, these enemies sometimes need to kill one another (invasion, crossfire). The outcome of a Corpus vs. Grineer battle at level 10 is much different to the same battle between the same units at level 100.

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Why not make weapons that "penetrate" armor cut the damage reduction rather than the armor rating?

Like puncture damage against 1,200 Ferrite armor (80% damage reduction) drop it from 80% to 30% (min: 0%) rather than a 600 rating (67% reduction thourhg armor). Then have max damage reduction from armor cap at something like 95% (for the purposes of things that are ineffective against armor).

Seems like it would make more sense. I know this would make some people angry, but seems better.

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