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Thumbs up to the visuals team


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Since feedback doesn't need to be negative, thumbs up to the visuals team, those who keep updating the detail maps, the normal maps, the specular maps, the reflection detail, the effects, the lighting, the shaders and probably those who have to implement it into the engine, you guys are great!

So often there is a tiny little update and to some people nothing seems changed. But to the discerning eye there are those small little tweaks that make all the difference in the world! I've never before played a game where the visuals are so steadily improving all the time. 

As a visual fidelity and shader enthousiast, I thank you! I love these small little visual surprises!

(Hmm tasty improved normal maps today it would seem)


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Thirdied :3

I usually post stuff that needs improvement, but generally speaking that's because they make an amazing job really often. The tiles, the materials (which are getting absurdly better by the day), the art design and some skins that are absolutely knocking it out of the park lately, not only in pure concept, but also to in-game translation.

Jupiter is visually a blast, and I can't wait to see the ships redone 🙂

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grammar :3
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