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Quickest, Fastest Way To Grind Affinity/exp



or is Kappa still the best and quickest?


Ranking up gear seems to betting slower and slower as the days go by


Especially for unranked gear


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However, success is directly tied to how full-retard other players go. If you have just 1 guy out in the middle room slowing spawns then its gg.

Without an affinity booster and with basic knowledge of how affinity is earned and applied, you can get a primary/secondary from unranked to just shy of 12, easy. More if you get some luck with tilesets on the way in and out.


Orokin void missions are viable too, but you will need at least one decent weapon or 3 other non-bads to carry.

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Kiste is better than kappa, imo

It depends on what you're trying to rank. An low rank weapon, especially one without any 'armor ignore'? Kappa. On the other hand, if you have a mid rank weapon with 3 polarity slots and already has good mods on it, definitely Kiste.

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