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Frame rate loss during missions

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I’m remaking a new one since you aren’t allowed to bump your topics, and I also have new information.


 Since we never received a fix during rising tides, the frame rate has been screwy and hasn’t gotten better.

I’ve noticed that if you are solo or in a group of two, the frame rare drop is less noticeable. However if you are in a squad of three or more, the frame rate becomes worse and even more jittery. 
 I’ve also noticed that the frame rate is the worse in railjack! The Veil missions are unbearable and has managed to crash my game.

 I’m hoping we’ll have a fix, or an update since last time since there has been nothing since and has clearly not been fixed.

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We now have the new update and Railjack remains unplayable with a full squad. 

A crash happens with a full squad but not two or three. Because the frame rate drops SO LOW this happens. 

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