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Summoning The Stalker



So uhh... would anyone be kind enough to test this for me?

The Stalker has come for me four times in the last twenty-four hours. Yup.

Each time, my loadout has been this:


Despair (level 30)

Braton Vandal (level 30)

Bo (<level 10)

Excalibur/Frost (level 30)


Every single time that I have had that exact loadout, he has come for me. 

When I dropped one of these weapons, he did not.


Is anyone willing to also test this loadout, and confirm if the Stalker has a higher chance of appearing?

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1st time I ran into him low lvl was  when I 1st started lvling his bow and throwing weapons (can't remember which frame)  all my weapons were like lvl 3-5 as was the frame  and yeah he kicked my butt because he was like lvl 45... I lol'ed so hard.

Granted I think DE has fixed this but  I still remember when he would do that. As for now he usually comes after me when I am lvling a new frame/weapon(s) and am soloing and I have a fighting chance to kill him. When it's in a group setting it's cause  he's after someone else usually.

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I know about the low-level attraction thing. However, he has not done this before. Not four times almost in a row. 

Ah, the low level thing is actually untrue. I don't know about your theory, but someone datamined the stats on reddit and it's also on the wiki.


It's pretty much pure RNG. 5% chance for him to show up once you've killed a boss. Your Warframe's rank has to be a minimum of 5 though.

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