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falling through map on the plains.


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Hi, just a little upvote and I add some conditions to help the devs, by jump/slide near some cliff/rock when connection gets laggy it seems that the position tracker permit you to clip off the map.

Also use a K-board near cliffs/rocks can be used to clip off the map and if done correctly you can clip off the map and fall in one cave (huge time saving for toxins) but as the bug can lock you in a continuous clip off the map loop (the game makes you reappear on the position you clipped off the map on the k-board causing you to fall again).

Some ways it can be fixed is by incrasing the range of unability to deploy the k-board, verify the mapping of the eidolons plains (ho boy it's so long for a dev to do this) and unequip the k-board when you /unstuck or tp higher/elsewhere

Sorry if this message is a bit dry, it isn't wrote this way i just want to help as best as i can. (i'm speed running many games and those are bug fixes that have locked some possibility of speedruns in some games, as long as warframe is a multiplayer game i'll report those bugs as best as i can)

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