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New Archwing or Railjack Mission


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You can't do flight simulation in space without thinking about old school games like Ikaruga or gradius. Yes, you probably heard this before but I'm going to say it again, I want a bullet hell level to warframe. Even though the archwing isn't exactly built for bullet hell (such as lacking side to side instant evasion though blink would be very useful), I think it should be made. To be frank, the game modes to warframe aren't varied enough. Almost every mission mode has a defense element to it. I think we need another game mode that isn't defense involved but getting from point A to B through dodging, blocking (using environments), shooting enemies (a given) and using abilities. I don't think it should be limited to just archwing either. It could be a warframe mission that requires going through a corridor of nonstop slow moving bullets firing and requiring the player to just evade or use various abilities to survive. In terms of pacing, the ayatan statue retrieval for a new player has the same hectic feeling.


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