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Console Ability Menu QoL Changes


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So I haven't used the default controller settings in years on console because they are pretty terrible. But I had a clanmate suggest setting up the Ability Menu to free up some inputs. So after some testing I don't understand why the Ability Menu input binds are so restrictive. Why can't I map the ability buttons to the d-pad?! My only option is to map them to the face buttons which prevents me from using the right analog to aim while I am casting.

Also, why can't I map more things to the Ability Menu? It should work as an input override that allows me to quick swap inputs by holding the Ability Menu button. Instead it only allows me to map the 4 abilities, Transference, and the Tactical Menu. Why can't I put consumables, shoulder swapping, or other non-essential features on the Ability Menu inputs?

Lastly, console player need a more integrated options for toggles. Right now if I map my alt fire to anywhere but the right analog it prevents me from using weapons like the Pandero as it forces me to instantly fire its alt fire. Instead, give us an option to make alt fire a toggle between firing modes, similar to Tiberon Prime, and allow me to fire using my primary fire input, that way I can control the recoil on Pandero while being able to aim. The same toggle option needs to be added for heavy melee attacks as well so that we do not accidentally hold melee attack too long (or during lag) and heavy attack instead. Let us have control over how our weapons fire/attack.

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