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Can't log in (game, website, and mobile app) SOLVED



Just a few hours ago I was able to deploy extractors from my warframe mobile app while at work. Then, upon trying to log into the game on my PC, i get "login failed, check info". Naturally, I typed in email and password slowly just in case. Still doesn't work. I try to log into the website. Doesn't work. I try to access my warframe app on my phone, which usually has me logged in all the time. Upon checking, the app has logged me out and does not let me log back in. Dug around with google search for a little bit, then decided to check my email to see if I've been banned. Nope. Tried to reset my password. Nope. Had to create a new account just to submit a ticket because obviously I can't do so with my main account if I can't even log into the website. Now I'm sitting here waiting for a response from DE support. Wondering if anyone could come up with suggestions or ideas I haven't tried yet. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Reset password for the third time and this time it worked. Not sure if this was a server problem or what but as the problem doesn't exist anymore please delete this thread if possible. Thanks.

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