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Profit-taker death no loot


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so i was playing profit taker stage 4 and i died with no revives after the misson and my team went back to fortuna and i got no rewards (which sucks because it dropped  the mod Critical focus) and then i went out again and defeated profit taker then went back to fortuna and lost all of the loot AGAIN 😞 please fix

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This exact sequence of events happened to me as well today.  Died with no revives after profit-taker went down and I collected loot, but before I could return to Fortuna.  My team extracted without me.  I was teleported to Fortuna entrance and failed the mission.

I went back into the back room and initiated the profit-taker stage 4 mission again.  Took down profit-taker again, this time without dying, and up returning to fortuna promptly failed the mission.

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