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Archwing Broken - No Gear Wheel, No Melee (FIXED)


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For the past few weeks (about release Melee 3.0) I have been unable to use melee weapons or access my gear wheel whilst in Archwing. Or in fact, any of my Arcwings.  

I have opted to swap out all available weapons and try different options to see if this would fix the solution, so far, nothing has helped. I don't use any key bindings. 

In addition, if the archwing "dies" during mission, it is reset to the beginning of the mission or wherever if was initially launched.

I hope there is soon to be a fix for this, I am not alone in this problem.

FIXED !! :  I thought I'd check my key bindings and set them back to default, on the slight chance that something had been changed and I had no memory of it. Well TAA-DAA !!  All Archwing functions have been fully restored and my gear wheel now comes on screen when chosen.  I hope this helps someone out there who may be struggling with a simular issue.


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Issue fixed, post edited to add a possible method for others.
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