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Back On The Warframe Scene!


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Yes I am back to playing warframe and searching for a active clan! I prefer the size of storm clans due to their moderate numbers with active players always giving the clan a chance to play together and bring resources in. But first I am sure you would like to know something about myself before just randomly inviting some stranger in, right?

I live on the east coast of the US currently and am 21 years old, not going to sit here and say I am 21 years old so I must be mature! No I can be immature at times like most people can wont lie about it. Due to the recent shut down of the government I sadly had felt the effects in the form of losing my job. I am a certified nurses aide and have worked in two nursing homes so far. Despite applying to 3 other nursing homes I have yet to find employment and have had to move in with my grandparents helping around the hose where I can. I am lucky that I have such a loving family that would take me in like that. I have been a member of the warframe community since the paris was first released I cant exactly recall what update that was. If you are a "Clean" clan that doesn't allow people to sware or make lewd jokes then please dont waste my time I am not looking for that kind of clan. Now lets get to what I am looking for.  Simply an active clan with active members, nothing really difficult there. I want to be able to joke with members and screw around while doing missions. I would prefer a clan that had weapon labs up and research already done or in the works but not a deal breaker. Any other questions then post here I will answer them when I see them.

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100 member clan all US time zone except for a few.


everything unlocked and nice people.


I work overnights so i play by myself usually and don't know how active or when the peak activity during the day is. I was days for awhile and they are all nice people. pretty laid back group.

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