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Crewship engines and artillery


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The engines on a crewship are ostensibly the weak points. Unlike every other part of the ship, they can feasibly be damaged with weapons other than the artillery. However, when you hit them with the artillery, you deal much less damage due to not actually hitting the ship. It's really obnoxious when the weakest part of the ship gets in the way of hitting the ship.

This could be fixed in a number of ways. The simplest ones I can think of are just making artillery shots ignore the engines, and making overkill damage on the engines carry over to the ship.

If you do want to keep the difficulty of having to avoid hitting certain parts of the ship, you could add shields or armor plates. The engines make absolutely no sense for this purpose. Given how intentionally hard it is to precisely aim the artillery, though, I'd argue against keeping this in any form.


EDIT: This has been fixed. Thanks!

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Update has made this post irrelevant
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