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Items disappearing


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3 hours ago, (PS4)aadams1997 said:

How can I get my my missing items back?

Your best option would most likely be to contact Support.

But, before you do that, could you give any details on what actually is wrong?
Just out of curiosity ... and to check whether there's maybe some degree of user error involved 😄 

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On 2020-01-26 at 11:15 AM, (PS4)aadams1997 said:

The items Invati sekhara and Sevati sekhara disappeared on my account

Did you ever do any trials?

ETA:  Looked up your trials history and it appears you never completed a trial.  The Invati sekhara was given erroneously to everyone instead of only given to those who had completed at least one trial.  When DE realized their mistake, the rectified it, and you would have lost that one.

The Sevati sekhara was given for completing the Law of Retribution, which you never completed, so you should not have had that anyway.

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