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Add preview modifiers to build screen


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I find that building weapons often involves a lot of guesswork and maths, which is kind of a pain when I'm just trying to predict what the game can do so fast that if you blink you'll miss the numbers that flash up.

Lots of mods only change stats in certain contexts, we should be able to preview them with those contexts applied.

For instance, suppose a weapon has a buff on headshot, or kill, or while aiming. You should be able to view the stats with that state toggled on.

This really matters to a lot of builds. For instance, it would be extremely useful to see if you can get red crits, or 100% status, etc.

Likewise, you should be able to select combo counter for melee. For instance whether orange crits start at 2x or 3x can make a world of difference to how effective the build is.

This could be some new inputs on the build screen: a drop down for combo, a drop down for number of status procs, and a list of check boxes for other effects (while sliding, while aiming, after headshot, etc).

The would save a lot of maths and messing about in the Simalcrum time, and make creating more advanced builds much more rewarding. It would also allow us to evaluate changes to weapon balance without interminable arguments on here about what the maths of the changes even do. I literally needed Excel to figure out what happend with Condition Overload with the recent melee changes, and I'm not even sure I'm right about any of it.

It would also help with bug reporting as we could tell you about broken interactions straight away instead of trying to reverse engineer damage numbers flashing by mid game.

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