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Kuva Ogris status chance is broken [Video Documentation included]


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Status chance mods are not affecting the Kuva Ogris correctly.

100% status chance does not result in always applying a status. This is accounting for the multishot interaction too.

The base status chance means that with just two mods, it should hit 100% chance. However, it seems to fail to apply quite often, especially when only the explosion hits the enemy. There is no second status chance listed for the explosion only, so it is unlikely that this is an issue, but on the off chance that it is, further testing was done:

 - Two dual stat mods were applied, for a total of 100% status chance. Result was about 50-75% status chance in reality

 - Four dual stat mods were applied for well over the 100% cap. Results were the same, about 50-75% status chance

 - Taking it to the extreme, even a status riven and hammer shot were applied, in addition to the original four status mods. Results seemed even worse than the first two tests.


This unfortunately breaks the entire point of the weapon, as it has a low crit chance, making status the primary draw of the weapon unless you have a very specific riven.

Here is video evidence from reddit, replicating the first test.


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Yeah that does look like the same issue. I guess I could make an expanded post with other weapons too, but ill start with this one and hope someone at DE notices, this is pretty significant to the overall feel of the combat. The fact that it affects more weapons only makes it worse.

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