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Elite Onslaught Bug?


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While playing EOS, I would accidentally void dash as kiddo a few times (I'm trying to get my energy bubble from the Zenurik Tree before going into the portal so I can get more energy back when I enter the next round) into the data conduit aka going into the next round of ESO.

That not what I find weird, it was I have dash through the portal and then call my frame to me. What is odd or can be a serious problem is that when I would call my frame back to me (Octavia for this example), she would have sometimes her energy from the last round still with her (like 245 energy) and not go back to 100 energy enter the next round. The other thing that was odd was that her powers were still active, meaning she still invisible and still will have her stereo ball with her.

At this point, I don't know if this is tied to my bad internet connection, a bug or an exploit in the game mode. I just don't know at this point. 

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