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Bokluk - The Neglected Warframe


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I don't currently have art or anything to "show" rather than "tell". If anyone's interested at taking a stab at that, I'm willing to talk about that in DM.

(I'm also not a very fancy boi, hence there's no artistic stuff happening.. yet... maybe...)



Bokluk: The Neglected Frame

Armor: 10
Health: 10
Shield: 10

Energy: 50
Sprint Speed: 1.50



Passive: Waste Not
When passing by recently killed enemies (both by self and allies) Bokluk can acquire armor from Grineer, shields from Corpus and Health from Infested. Affected by strength mods (1%/3%/5%) and scales with enemy level. To specify the maximum that can be gathered, Bokluk can receive around 250%(debatable to change) of armor/shields/health from a level 250 enemy. Significant fall damage (Around 50m, or the minimum height of triggering the heavy landing animation) can reduce/strip all gathered armor/health/shields, heights greater than that can inflict self-damage. Sprint speed falls by increment of 30 for every acquired buff, the maximum his sprint speed can be reduced is to .90. Sprint speed mods can affect this.


First Ability: Compactor
In a 40 degree area (3m/4m/5m) all enemies are gathered in one spot (~2m off the ground) and crushed with the damage percentage depending upon their remaining health (1%/3%/5%)  Total Ability time ~7 seconds (casting ability, gathering and damaging enemies before release) No I-Frames while casting.


Second Ability: Toxic Waste
Bokluk releases a combination of Toxin, Viral and Radiation (1/3/4 seconds) in a liquid form at a 60 degree area (2m/4m/5m) the pools will remain on the ground for (3/4/5 seconds) Casting time is around 1 second, no I-Frames.


Third Ability: Disposal
Bokluk sheds everything and in (4/5/6) seconds becomes a tornado and pulls in enemies, dealing damage to any enemy that is in the tornado. If armor/shields/health were collected, they contribute additional damage but are not taken away. Casting time is 1 second, no I-Frames.

Fourth Ability: Walking Junkyard
In a surrounding area (5m/8m/10m) Bokluk can pick up and absorb ammo, energy, and health drops. Ammo can supply armor (2%/3%/4%) Energy orbs increases shields (1%/3%/4%) and Health orbs buffs health (2%/3%/4%) Ally/sentient pickup mods takes first priority unless ammo and health are full and energy is 90% full. There is constant energy drain while using ability (10/7/5 per second when efficiency/duration are applied, 10/13/16 when efficiency/duration aren't applied) When taking damage, Bokluk must reacquire drops to replenish depending upon damage and how much was gathered. Mods, resources and other collectables (except for ayatan sculptures and stars) are also collected but they do not affect Bokluk. Casting time is 0.5 seconds and the I-Frames while casting is 2 seconds.


The stats and numbers are placeholders, I'm more focused and worried about abilities for now. Then I'll buff the numbers up.

My intent with Bokluk is to have him be a Scavenger-looter that is focused upon picking just about everything that's not nailed to the floor, relying upon whatever his enemies/containers drop. Itzal's Cosmic Crush does come to mind at the similarities except the ability is spaced out between a passive and two abilities.

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