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Zion, the Mech warframe


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NOTE: I know other concepts like this exist)

Zion is a female

Zion has a unique movement like Wisp. Walking will have her move around on the tank treads on the bottom o her feet and sprinting will have her skate around on the treads

Zion's signature weapons are called Siege, which is a Primary Bazooka and G90-Gatling, which is an Arch Gun Gatling gun

Default Polarities: 

Naramon (dash) (aura slot)
Madurai (V))
Vazurin (D)


Health: 350 max
Shields: 120 max
Armor: 400
Energy: 150 max
Sprint Speed: 1.00


Passive: All Primary, Secondary and Arch guns wielded by Zion, have Ammo Mutation by Default

1st- Shoulder Cannon (25): Tapping the button will cause Zion to fire an explosive shot from the shoulder cannon on her right shoulder at enemies, dealing blast damage in a 10 meter radius. Holding the button will cause Zion to shoot a 6 round volley of shots from the cannon but doing so will root Zion. If aimed below her, Zion will get propelled into the air

2nd- Mortar (50): Zion will fire 6 shots from the mortar on her left shoulder dealing again, blast damage in a 15 meter radius. Each enemy killed will increase the damage of Shoulder Cannon

3rd- Seekers (50): Zion will fire up to 10 missiles (at Rank 3 and 100% power Strength) from the missile launcher on her back, that will lock on to enemies around her. If there's only one target, Sion will be able to unleash all her missiles on the enemy (At max power strength, Zion will fire 25 Missiles)

4th- Riot Railgun (100): Zion will equip her Riot Railgun. The railgun has in total, 5 shots in the clip and each shot will do Radiation damage and the shots will be fired like an Opticor. After the shots are depleted, the railgun will overheat and become unstable. Zion will then throw the railgun, causing it to explode and deal blast damage to enemies in a 15 meter radius. After that, the ability will be unusable for 10 seconds but the cooldown will get shortened by 1 second for each enemy killed by Zion's other 3 abilities. (Railgun is not modable separately but goes off of power strength)

I'll appreciate feedback on my Concept Warframe, Thank You!

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I miss Titanfall too man. Long live MRVN!

But seriously, The frame seems like a positioning caster frame, all the abilities look like they are one-handed casts.

Her passive is actually totally broken. She allows for any weapon to be used with almost no regards to ammo capacity, especially in the case of Archguns, which have no such ammo mutation mods. I actually think the reduced cooldown mechanic that is attached to her 4 is more applicable...but most abilites in warframe don't even use cooldown mechanics, since the ability energy and ability duration are used to limit casting.

Her 1 is neat..but it feels more like it would be better soughted to the Eltryon or one of the new archwings.

The 2 is as plausible as Vauban's 3 in the cramped corridors of a spaceship and increasing damage with enemies killed is a little much for the base ability, maybe an augment.

The function of Zion's 3 is not clear to me. If it is hold to lock, that would be take a while to add all the enemies on the field. If it is bonus passive that auto locks missile, that would feel smoother, but it depends on how you want the attack to feel to the player. ... I remember missle locks for the Mechwarrior, Armored Core, Unreal tournament franchises, and they all require a little bit of focus to keep a line of sight on something that was actively trying to kill you. Worse, because of the scale of movement in those mech games, the missiles would not even guarantee the destruction of your target.

Grineer Hellions missiles might be a good example of how the blast radius and damage could be scaled for the infantry level combat that Warframes deal..and they probably could deal anti-material damage, since handheld space magic weapons that can destroy enemy dropships are very common in the setting. But against infantry, one missle will probably do the job that you are launching a whole volley to do.

For Zion's 4, it is actually pretty balanced. For the limited basic utility, I say it is not more overpowered than the Excalibur's Exhalted blade. I say remove her throwing the railgun after it runs out of ammo...it just seems really wasteful. Also, as a high kinetic energy weapon, it should do sizable puncture damage a have a dramatic punchthrough, like at least 10 m. The explosions on impacts with hard barriers like walls an invunerable things still makes sense to me to have.  

I like the idea, because I like mech combat games....but I am not convinced a warframe is the right setting to execute those mechanics in....or whether the scale of non-railjack missions fit the use of those kinds of weapons.

I have been wrong many times before, so keep working on it.

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Poor grammer and spelling.
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