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Ghoul Purge - liberate captive - guard teleporting


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Have had this happen two out of four times so far; upon reaching the guards and captive, if the guards become alerted, one guard will teleport extremely far away. The first time one of the guards teleported around 350m away, the second teleported 210m. Since they are alerted, the bomb collar timer activates which does not give enough time to run all the way to the teleported guard, kill him and run all the way back to hack the collar since you cannot hack unless all the guards are dead. Both times, the guards had teleported through terrain (hills, rocks, etc.) so it seems like bringing a long range weapon would not help working around this issue and instead requiring a silent weapon to kill the guards since stealth melee take downs still trigger the bomb timer (that is if the guards don't get triggered from a random group of spawned infected). I just want to try and farm Nitain since this seems like the only good way to get it other than Nightwave. :sadcry:

EDIT: So silent weapons still trigger the bomb collar, it seems that it triggers no matter what on a guard's death, even if they aren't alerted... fun. Haven't had a guard teleport again, don't know if it's tied to them being alerted or not, will have to test more since the last 5 times I did not alert them. Although I don't really want to try and trigger it again since it causes me to fail the mission and miss out on a reward for potential Nitain.

EDIT 2: Remembered to snap a pic before it was too late this time. This one teleported over 600m from where he was! https://imgur.com/qjhggvEqjhggvE.png

EDIT 3: This happened right after the last mission (above pic). https://imgur.com/cp2nKAH


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