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Grineer Could Use Some Variety, Give Them Some Cyborg Wolf Clones?


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I know Grineer is all about robofying their cloned humans, but why stop there?

I think wolf clones with cybernetic enhancements would be an interesting and well-fitting addition.

They would be a very mobile, aggressive foe with a powerful melee, and some of the Grineer's best weaponry at hand(paw).

They probably wouldn't spawn all that often, though.

I could see there being atleast 3 types of Wolves:

Gunner Wolves with either Gorgon or dual shoulder-mounted Grakatas.

Sobek-equipped interceptor Wolves.

And, scout Wolves with Vulkars.


Maybe we could even get a new gun that the wolves can have, and maybe a wolf boss could drop the parts for it?

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Sounds a bit like the infested. And putting guns on them just makes another model for an already existing unit. New units needs to bring something new to the game, more than a silhouette.

While grineer lacks low-medium height units and air units in other areas than Phobos they have multiple close ranged and mid along range units.

What would these cyborg dogs bring to the game other than looks? What would separate them from moas, rollers and infested "dogs"?

I'm not against it, I just have the feelings unit should have its place.

Sniff out stealthed units? New weaponry? Cannon fodder in higher lvls? Very fast units? Barks to alert its masters (special k9keepers) - stealth challenge?

Units like these have been suggested in other posts (space pirate faction thread)

Where they also had dog pounds/cages that could be opened with panels/levers.

Work on it a bit more.

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It is more than a silhouette..

They'd be very fast targets that have very powerful melee, and on top of that, alot of gunpower.

The wolves would be able to outrun a Tenno, and rip out a chunk of our biosuit flesh, keeping us on our toes.

And like you said, they could sniff out stealthy Tenno, causing wolves to become a high-priority target for us ninjas. 


By your logic, we should never get a new enemy type again, cause they'd all be something that shoots or melees.


I think that they'd be a unique enemy to add to the Grineer roster, and I don't understand how they'd be similar to the Infested..

(Yeah, Chargers are on all fours, but they're slow, their melee isn't particularly strong until you get to really high level content, and they don't have guns strapped onto them.)

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