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On Adaptive Exposure


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The current system work, but has a drawback ...

in small places ( such as the orbiter )  the exposure varies wildly, too much and too quickly when moving the view in and out of bright and dark areas.

I'm absolutely no expert quite the contrary, but in my experience i found that in small places, where bright light should bounce around very well, a good cheat was to lock the exposire to a set amount or divide the effect of dark areas by a factor of 2 or 3.

It works as in most videogame areas, you know the ranges of brightness of the objects that will populate it, so when building the map, you can set a parameter for each "special small area"  or place "trigger boxes"  that will override the normal behaviour of the Adaptive Exposure script when the camera enters these areas ( Trigger by collision or calculated by distance from verteices ).


It's such a small thing, and it has the possibility of being solved by the new rendering WF "should" recieve in a while, as the camera would get more details from those dark areas ... in any case i wanted to post this as i was reviewing the display options and their effect of quality and performance.

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