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Pyrana Prime ammo bug


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I'll keep this short.

The second pyrana disappears, but both the ammo and firerate are still there. This can lead to having so many ammo in your mag it basically becomes a minigun shotgun.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Kill 3 enemies while not in archwing mode

2. When you got the second pyrana switch to a different weapon and go into archwing.

3. Switch to pyrana prime and hold your aim button until the second pyrana disappears

4. Now you can have monstrosities like this:


Here the recoil is so strong it almost hides my wisp:Ua2Z4QJ.jpg


I haven't tested it if it works only for clients or for hosts as well.


Edit: Just tested it. Doesn't work for hosts.

Edit2: I made a video


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Added video
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