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Change Arcane, again


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The game has many Arcane that improve both the Warframe and his weapons. But most of them are either of little use or not as good as others. Almost any Warframe (not everyone) can be put Arcane Guardian and Arcane Energize and that will be enough for him.

This problem can be solved by introducing an Arcane slot into the weapon. Obtaining an item that opens a slot for Arcane can be done by attaching it to Arbitration or Railjack. 
Yes, the game already has weapons using this mechanic.
1) The amount of this weapon is not so much in the game
2) The amount of Arcane for them is not so much in the game

The feature of Zaw and Kitgun can be left by giving them 2 slots, instead of 1.

Many Arcane will receive a new life.


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2 hours ago, Tiltskillet said:

Why not improve the underpowered weapon damage arcanes?  To me that seems more logical than adding slots.

I'm not sure any amount of improvement there can compete with a couple Arcane Energizes or an Energize + Guardian combo - I mean, you'd have to get to original-Covert-Lethality levels of lethality before someone said "weapon damage, or endless energy" (outside of very specific activities). 

That said, they should be buffed - I just don't think you can buff them enough to compete with the Big Two. 

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