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a problem with many warframes in General. In this case, Baruuk.


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I wanted to discuss the warframe problem with you today. Many warframes do not correspond to the balance of the game, that is, they can be pumped just for the experience rank. I liked the recent buff of Wukong, and in General its mobility, it became much more interesting and became more like the style of the game. So, Baruuk. Recently received a Barouka and managed to be disappointed in many ways. The character is interesting only for its style, but its skills and other features are very much inferior to the rest of the warframes. In particular, a very inconvenient Ult, 2 skill that is needed exclusively for charging Ult and 3 very useless skill that is mainly needed for protection. Ult of Baruuk is very difficult to get, by stacks of passivity. 1 skill is used, but it is with false tar, in General, all his skills are not interesting and useless in this game. Dear developers, please pay attention to this issue and try to fix the problem of warframes in closem to all had a wide choice, but at the moment, Baruuk, to it is quite difficult, and so expected much from warframe, but turned out a disappointment, please make it ultimate with spending mana, not the scale of rage, just add a little more time percussion skills, you can remove evasion from 1 skill and add a more mobile skill for healing and buffs, the concept of a monk does not stack with his skill. Can I find out if I plan to buff this character?

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4 minutes ago, FirlyLife said:

3 very useless skill

90% damage reduction that can be shared with the entire Squad.

Very useless, indeed.

7 minutes ago, FirlyLife said:

Ult of Baruuk is very difficult to get

Not really, cast your other abilities (especially 2 in a crowd) and it'll fill up pretty fast,
I've had few if any issues keeping it up for the majority of a mission.

9 minutes ago, FirlyLife said:

remove evasion from 1 skill and add a more mobile skill for healing and buffs

Hmm ... yeah dunno, I never felt Elude was necessary, his other abilities generally have been protection enough,
but on the other hand, I feel it's kind of Baruuk's signature ability, so I can't just agree that it should be replaced.

Mind, at the very least, the anti-synergy of Elude making it easier to lose Desolate Hands daggers should be removed.

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1 hour ago, FirlyLife said:

playing in a group, they will not let you accumulate a scale of self-control for the ult. In any case, the character feels completely useless, compared to such warframes as Nidus, Wukong, Titania and many others.

Eeeeeh. Titanias pretty useless too. Her 4’s pretty strong, but that’s literally it.

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