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Tyrha, the Martial Arts Warframe


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Tyrha (Female)

Elemental Martial Arts Warframe


Stats (max rank)

Health: 125

Shields: 50

Armor: 275

Energy: 200

Sprint speed: 1.1


Passive: Fog of War

  • Weapons deal 2.5% more damage for each enemy that surrounds Tyrha (unaffected by Power Strength)
  • Range/radius: 10m (unaffected by Power Range)

Secondary Passive?: Bloodlust

  • Tyrha has a Bloodlust meter
  • Goes up to 100%


Ability 1: Impulse Strike

  • 20 energy cost
  • Has 3 different attacks
  • Does 600 elemental damage (max rank) in Tyrha's current element, is affected by Power Strength
  • Every third strike is enhanced and does 300% damage with a double-sized impulse area, but has a 2s cool down period after
  • Strikes have garunteed proc chance of Tyrha's current element
  • Strikes create AoE elemental impulses, dealing 50% damage to enemies hit by the impulse
  • Power Range affects impulse size and movement distance of Palm Strike and Skyward Strike
  • All attacks have a 0.5 second animation
  • Each hit adds 5% to Tyrha's Bloodlust meter
  • Tyrha switches between left and right hands on each strike
  • Takes supplemental stats and mods from the Warforged


Tap: Palm Strike

  • Dashes forwards with a Palm strike
  • Locks on to targets (like Slash Dash, range: 5m)
  • Enemy hit is stunned
  • AoE impulse is a large 45* cone infront of Tyrha (range/radius: 5m)
  • Enhanced
    • Enemy hit is ragdolled and knocked back
    • Enemies in impulse area are also knocked back

Hold: Ground Slam

  • Tyrha unches the ground
  • If there is an enemy nearby, grabs enemies and slams them into the ground instead
  • If in air Tyrha will be pulled to the ground
  • Enemy is disarmed
  • AoE impulse is a large circle around Tyrha (range/radius: 2.5m)
  • Enhanced
    • Enemies in impulse area are also slammed into the floor (like Reckoning)

Crouch + tap: Skyward Strike

  • Performs a jumping uppercut (also makes Tyrha move up into the air)
  • Locks on to a nearby enemy
  • Both the enemy and Tyrha float for one second (Rhino Stomp style)
  • AoE impulse is a small circle around Tyrha (range/radius: 2.5m) and a small 45* cone infront of Tyrha (range/radius: 5m)
  • Impulse extends as far upwards as Tyra jumps
  • Enhanced
    • Enemies in impulse area are also knocked up and levitated


An example combo:

  • Crouch + tap - to knock up enemies
  • Hold - grab enemy from air and slam them down
  • Tap - punch the enemy away


Ability 2: Elemental Wall

  • 45 energy cost
  • Switches Tyrha's element and creates an elemental wall infront of Tyrha
  • Only 3 walls can be deployed at once (works like wisp motes)
  • Wall lasts for 40s (max rank, affected by Power Duration) or until destroyed


Tap: Inferno wall (reverse right leg sweep)

  • Switches element to heat
  • Creates fire wall which burns enemies that touch it
  • Bullets shot through fire wall get + 25% heat damage (max rank, affected by Power Strength, does not combine with existing elements)

Hold: Frost wall (left foot stomp)

  • Switches element to cold
  • Creates an ice wall that blocks bullets and enemies
  • Ice wall has 5000 health (max rank, affected by Power Strength)
    • Basically a larger Atlas wall with health

Crouch + tap: Shock wall (reverse right kick)

  • Switches element to electric
  • Creates an electric field which shocks enemies that come near it (range/radius: 10m)
  • Electro-magnetic charge sticks to allies that run through the field
  • Allies that are charged will redirect 50% of bullets away from them (unaffected by Power Strength)


Ability 3: Phalanx Guard

  • 35 energy cost
  • Tyrha uses phantasmal clones of herself to intercept bullets
  • Tap to activate the ability; Tyrha's feet will glow (in her set energy color)
  • Ability lasts for 20s (affected by Power Duration)
  • The clones are invisible, but surround Tyrha in an octogon formation
  • Clones will only appear to block bullets when Tyrha is fired at
  • Each bullet blocked drains Tyrha's Bloodlust meter by 0.5% (not affected by Power Efficiency)
  • Either when the duration runs out or the ability is manually disabled by holding down 3, the clones will split up and each attack a nearby enemy with one of Tyrha's Impulse Strikes
    • Deals damage to this calculation: (5000+(2*damage recieved))*power strength modifier


Ability 4: Warlust

  • 25 energy cost
  • Tyrha enters a rage mode and equips her Warforged iron gloves and boots (sparring weapons, and yes they are literally named the "Warforged")
  • Warlust drains both Bloodlust and energy when active
    • 4 energy per second
    • 1.25% Bloodlust per second (not affected by Power Efficiency
  • Warforged's stats:
    • 0.9 attack speed
    • 30% status chance
    • 20% critical chance
    • 250 damage (50 of each IPS and 100 elemental damage)
    • Takes Tyrha's current elemental damage (does not combine with elemental mods)
    • Each hit with the Warforged will create a small elemental explosion, damaging nearby enemies
  • Warlust Stance
    • Combos
      • Forwards: Acrobatic kicks with fist and backhand smashes
      • Forwards block: Fast, lunging palm strikes and front-flip downwards kicks
      • Neutral: sweeping kicks and flourishes (almost like breakdancing)
      • Neutral block: Rapid, multi-hit strikes into a final heavy gut punch
  • With Warlust on, Impulse Strike is enhanced
    • Impulse Strike will not have a delay or reset it's combo counter after 3 attacks
      • All successive attacks (4,5,6... Etc) will also be enhanced strikes
    • Impulse Strike will cost half as much energy
    • Impulse Strike can still be used to gain Bloodlust
    • AoE impulse area range/radius is doubled
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