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Vox Solaris Quest is STILL glitched


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I have now done all but 4 quests in warframe. Vox Solaris included. I would very much like to have this fixed because there are even NIGHTWAVE acts that I cannot do because I cannot freely access Orb Vallis until this quest is done. Meaning, I can't research certain things for my clan's dojo as they require items from Orb Vallis. Everyone in my clan has this EXACT same issue. I can't research the gravimag, I can't get the K-drive, i can't get Hildryn's pieces or the materials for her, I can't fish, or mine, or get the pigment needed for new colors. Myself and MANY MANY MANY others have been waiting for a fix. Just ask around on ps4 and see how many people are experiencing this glitch. Its not just me and my clan.

Edit: now 2 quests left. Vox Solaris and Erra.

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