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Vote to kick player

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On 2020-01-26 at 4:51 PM, (PS4)slova77 said:

what about new players being trolled by a vet?

That's part of what I'm saying. Add a votekick function and you'll see people getting kicked all the time "for being noobs", "because they have [frame]", and any other reason you can think of. Votekick systems, overwhelmingly, are used to kick people for gameplay choices and experience level (both too much and too little), rather than to get rid of AFKs and cheaters.

On 2020-01-26 at 4:50 PM, SordidDreams said:

Only to the leech, which is kinda the whole point.

Blatantly false. That's like saying that votekick systems in PVP shooters are only disruptive to cheaters because they never get used against anyone but cheaters. It's completely out of line with the reality of how systems like that are employed by players.

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On 2020-01-26 at 8:39 PM, superiouz said:

Can get option like vote to kick afk leech player?

What u guys think?

I have a similar topic in the forum but focuses on Railjack at most. Vote kick or way to make them move in their stationary position.

Here's what I've come up so far

When a player has been flagged as AFK by their crew members, the following will occur to notify them:

An extremely VISIBLE message will appear on that player’s screen.

A message will appear in the player’s chat notifying them that they have been flagged as AFK.

A countdown timer will appear in their UI

Once a person has been flagged as AFK, they have X amount of time to enter a requested input. This input will appear in the player’s display. Inputs are simple actions that require the player to be paying attention but are not inherently complex. An example of a requested input to do a certain action (move away this position for 10 seconds). Once the REQUESTED input has been entered, the timer will cancel and the player will no longer be flagged as AFK, and if they don't do as they told it dissconects them from the game.

(Well a good use in Tactical commands I would say)

For AFK detection system. It detects afk when the radius of where hes at, and the radius of where he's pointing at has been innactive and the input history if its not been in used, or it has been pressed for very long.

I care more about how to avoid leeching in general, trolling is just secondary problem in a PVE game

(This Idea was from Sea of Thieves forum) Since RJ and SOT had it similarities in general

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