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Distortion weak at high resolution. Distortion too strong at low resolution. (video)


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Looking at fireplace in Strata Relay.

At resolution of 13440x7560, Distortion is weak.
At resolution of 3840x2160: Distortion appears ok.
At resolution of 1280x720: Distortion is very strong.
At resolution of 1280x720 at 50% dynamic resolution (renders down to 640x360): Distortion is too strong.

This distortion bug of being extra too strong at low resolution also happens to anything that use distortion graphics display effects.

Slow computer use very low resolution and low scale for better frame rate, but with distortion enabled in display options, will suffer from too much distortion because of low resolution.


As for how I got the game to 13440x7560, that is another bug. I set windows 10 display to 3840x2160 at 350% scale, start Warframe, use borderless, then without quitting Warframe, set windows to 100% scale. Then, the in-game windows scaling mode "Native" in borderless incorrectly increased the resolution up to 13440x7560 with tiny HUD. The in-game screenshot (F6) will happily save this very high resolution with a few seconds of being frozen then unfreezes.

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True...Something is off with this effect.   Maybe this is the reason why its so overwhelming for me ( I play at 1920x1080).

I know i asked for such VFX, but DE overdid it a bit.   Especially with gas/smoke clouds.  Mutalist cernos is unbearable now....

It also doesn't look good on Muzzle flashes....Because its too big (1m radius for enemies) and also looks like radial ripples. Thats not how heat distortion looks....


Certainly needs some tweaking.



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