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Sentient ship PUG Rush problem


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hey there,


I'd like to provide some feedback and hope others agree or can rationalise this for me, but i have a huge problem with people joining me on a railjack mission with the sentient anomaly and abandoning ship instantly to fly over and leaving me to solo the mission (boarders, crewships, fighters,omni repairs)

This is kinda managable when others join and stay on the ship but it happened twice now where i had to manage everything by myself until the very end where they only helped to take out the last crewship or something wich is no fun and with ai crew not here yet it also feels punishing for having my own railjack.

My suggested fix to this would be to make the sentient ship accesible only after the crewships and fighters are destroyed. Seeing as that has to be done anyway and would incentivize farmers to help kill everything first.

Thanks for the read.

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It’s all because of the Umbra Forma in the red winged Container. The Parts, Anomaly Shards gets shared with the Group so a Player can go in and give everyone a Shard and Part without the whole Squad working with each other in the Anomaly. But for those Players, most likely the Players that’s still looking for those Containers.

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