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Vasca Kavat Tweaks?


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No doubt, vasca is the coolest looking kavat, the ability concept is also cool but in reality, the abilities aren't that good.

Tranfusion, the ability that makes this kavat appealing at first glance, is pretty weak because players already have ways to keep themselves alive. It doesn't work in arbitration which kinda makes it even more useless, and with how the pets AI work, the kavat dies faster than the players in high level content, soooooooo...

• Suggestion 1: One way to make this ability useful is to allow it to INSTANTLY revive itself, allies, allies' pets (kavat, kubrow, MOA), and if possible NPCs too, basically anything that enters bleedout state. The 2 mins cooldown still applies. It still can revive the owner but now it can revive others too.
Currently, both of the 2 kavats provide a team benefit but this kavat doesn't bring anything, even for its owner, it doesn't really give you anything else aside from reviving you if you die (with a 2 mins cd? LOL). With this tweak, there's a reason for someone to bring a vasca if they are running a pre-made squad and wanted to make use of other pets' abilities without needing to babysit the dum-dum pets. Or for a solo player, it's a pretty helpful pet when doing high level rescue mission for when the rescue target decides to go LEEROY JENKINS at level 80 enemies.

• Suggestion 2: Or make this the ultimate soloist's kavat, independent companion by making this ability work like Djinn's Reawaken, same 90 seconds cooldown and remove the ability to revive the owner. In this change, the vasca can be modded for full offense to help the player in dealing some damage, rather than modding for survivability and support.

Draining Bite is supposed to keep the vasca alive but...
First of all, this mod is redundant coz there are mods to heal the pets and they are way better and more reliable than this one (Pack Leader says hi). Second, 400 damage and only 10% of that, also it doesn't seem to proc all the time (possible cd?). 
• Suggestion: Vampires don't just life-steal, remember that they are also known for their immortality and ability to stay youthful through drinking blood. Make this the never-dying companion by changing the ability to add x flat amount of health that stacks up to x times. (Why not use numbers? I'm not good at math and I'm pretty sure some balancing stuff is needed, so imma leave the numbers to those who are good with that, this is just an idea huehue) 
The stacks stay until the vasca dies, in which it needs to build up the stacks again. This makes the vasca a true independent companion as this will give it the survivability most companions lack. I know, it's gonna be too crazy if partnered with a high HP frame but then someone like Inaros will be better off running a smeeta or an adarza to help with his damage output rather than bringing a kavat that just have lots of health but does nothing else. On the other hand, a squishy frame like Banshee might be happy to have a companion that can keep itself alive regardless of the frame's HP pool.

What do you guys think?
I really like the vasca kavat, it's just that the other kavats and companions are way better. I'll probably only bring this in a low level mission coz I'd rather bring something that can buff me or Djinn that will respawn after 90 seconds in high level missions. Oh it can revive me? Yeah, but I make sure I don't die especially if I'm playing solo, I have tools for that already.

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I agree that it needs something more. I don't think the other two kavats are way better, just better, but the end result is the same: my Vasca stays frozen and the other two gets to join on missions.

I partly agree with the Transfusion idea. The Vasca should always revive it's owner (regardless of it's own health) and it should basically be unkillable, that is being able to revive itself too. The 120 second cool-down for another revive is fine, and the it could use the same 120 sec cool-down when reviving itself.

There are quite a lot of vampire-themed buffs it could have. The absolutely easiest one would be for the Vasca to give the owner a "life-stealing" buff for a short while ("Draining hit"), the same way the Adarza gives a crit buff and the Smeeta all kinds of buffs. A more powerful version would be to instead buff the whole squad with life-stealing attacks for a short while ("Vampiric Aura", or " Draining Aura" if you want to avoid the v-word).

In addition the Vasca should have a typical vampiric tankiness and be immune against cold, bleed & toxin status effects. Something it could also buff it's owner with. 

Finally, as the Vasca is a creature of the night and native to the PoE, it's buffs and traits should be more powerful during night-time on the plains (double positive buffs, double health, halve the cool-downs).

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40 minutes ago, Graavarg said:

I don't think the other two kavats are way better, just better

I mean better in terms of usefulness, coz it doesn't give anything useful right now. 

The life-steal buff is nice too but only if they make the life-steal rate good enough, otherwise it might too small to even make a difference (and again there are other ways to life-steal, I wanna see a different ability/effect hehe).
Immunity to status would make this pet a wee bit OP, tho if we're not gonna consider my suggestion for Draining Bite (stacking health), they can at least buff the vasca's stat so that it can actually stay alive long enough to pick you up if you die.
The PoE bonus tho is interesting but something tells me there will be a "mEtA kavat" where people will burn you if you don't run a vasca during night time in the Plains. XD

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