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[PC] [NA] [Any MR] [New Clan] Harro Gaming is Searching For Members


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Are you tired of joining Discords to be just another name on a list?

So were we – and that’s why we created something different with Harro Gaming

Our goal was simple: to create a fun, 18+ community of friendly and laid-back adults to enjoy gaming with – and one where people matter. That’s why each person joining Harro Gaming has a meet and greet with our staff, so we can introduce ourselves, learn about what games you enjoy, go over the group, introduce you to everyone, and get some games in together.

And although we’re still new, we offer:

• No set required weekly attendance or required events – game on your schedule

Interested in being something more than just a name?

Message Me or Join our Discord and Just Ping Me in the Recruiters area 🙂 


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