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Sanctuary Onslaught resetting PC


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For some reason Sanctuary Onslaught is resetting my PC every time as the portal opens to enter the next zone.

I've extensively tested my PC for faults such as stress tested the CPU and GPU and both at the same time, Ran countless other high demand games to replicate the restart,

inspected the insides of the PC and kept a good eye on cpu and gpu temps and quite simply cant get my PC to do it anywhere else than this mission.

I Can play Warframe continuously doing anything else ( 20 minute survival, 4 player index run even railjack missions and its fine)  and all runs fine.

I have 1469 hours on this game and have never encountered this crash before 


I had come to the conclusion that my psu may be on its way out but not being able to replicate I'm in 2 minds now.

(Recently ran euro truck simulator 2 in VR streaming to twich at 1080 without a glitch)

All my drivers are up to date and I've reinstalled warframe and verified and optimized

CPU: i7-4790k

GPU: Radeon R9 290x

16GB ram

Although not a potato more an exotic yam still enough to play warframe for 1469 hours

please help i wanna play another 1469 hours!! 😛 


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Have something similar,I had the "Not enough video memory" message pop up specifically after the recent Acolytes in specifically ESO.

Then it wasnt just ESO.It happened in the middle of a mission.

Then I deleted the game,reinstalled it after a few days,optimized it...and now I cant even Log in without crashing or having to restart my pc cause of the black screen of death...


Guess RNG decided to smite us both  : / 

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