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Suggestion For Gear Wheel


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So I've taken to loading up my gear wheel with things that I need almost always (Energy Squad Restores and the like), but I also wanted to put situational things on there that I wouldn't necessarily always use, such as Specters, Beacons, etc.

Well, here's the problem with the current setup: the way the gear wheel works now is that when you have a certain number of items equipped and items that are equipped in slots between the first seven and the last five are hidden and you have to "scroll" to get to them. Because of this, items that some people may use quite frequently, but are only available in certain locations, such as the Archwing Launcher or the K-Drive, might be equipped somewhere around the 9th and 10th slots, after items such as the Squad Restore items, Ciphers, Scanners, etc.. Well, this design is fine until you start equipping 20+ items, in which case, there's a flaw that can cause you to use something you may not have wanted to. This can happen because the gear wheel can be "scrolled through" backwards. With the combination of this and the fact that you can't actually "leave the wheel" when on that menu (as in, no matter where your cursor is, you're always selecting something) and your selection on the gear wheel can only move linearly, there is the possibility that when you go to choose something that's in the middle of your load out and you're hand slips or you hastily try to select it, since the wheel seems to take the quickest path to that item, that you might accidentally use something that appears in that "slot" when going in the reverse direction.

For example: on my gear wheel, the 9th "slot" when going clockwise on the wheel is my Archwing Launcher, but that same "slot" when going backwards is my Vapor Specter and since the 9th "slot" is on the left half of the wheel, when I try to quickly equip my Archwing Launcher, there's the possibility that I might accidentally go backwards on the wheel and use one of my Vapor Specters.

This can be a minor inconvenience at times, but when it causes you to use something you can't readily get a hold of, such as a Wolf Beacon, then it can become problematic.


So here's my suggestion:

Make it so that the gear wheel has a defined start and end, if that isn't already in the code already, and create an option in the settings that you can turn on so that it prevents you from being able to "scroll" backwards past the first item counter-clockwise and it stops you at the end of the wheel when "scrolling" clockwise. That way, you can't accidentally go backwards and use something that was at the end of your wheel without manually going to the end of the wheel linearly clockwise. Don't make this option by default, however, as I know a lot of other players probably like the gear wheel just the way it is, but I'm sure there's a few of us out there that would like to not be able to accidentally go backwards through the loop. This way, it doesn't directly impact the players who don't want to use this option's gameplay experience, but it's there for those of us who do want it.

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7 minutes ago, -AxHx-Vile said:

I don't think they'll be changing it. They saw it in Prey and liked it way too much, so they added it in WF too.

I wish that was sarcasm.

I do agree with you though.

You never know. They might decide to implement this. And it helps if people are positive on the outlook of them adding it instead of saying that they're not going to or state why they shouldn't.

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