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Uhhh...is This Normal O.o


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so after my utter dissappointment with the transmuting-system when it came out, I decided to try it again....
within the first 4 trys: Quick thinking
next couple of trys:RAGE and coolant leak
while laughing my &#! off because my friend hasnt gotten anything after hunderts of runs
Berseker was the next mod! and I was like HOLY LOTUS
lets try it one more time with my last 4 rare mods
aaaaaaand FIRESTORM

so anyone thats complainig about transmuting....YOINK!
I dont know what I did right in my life....alll I know is that the RNG-god is pleased with me :DD
...well all Im trying to say is:
If there ever was a timeto transmute, this time is NAO!
transmute my fellow tenno and get you rare stuff!

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