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Created Kuva Lich without Mercy Kill, Invincible Larvling


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Hello there,


i just did a Kuva survival and a Larvling spawned, she was damaged by someone from my team, no mercy was used, no animations that she would ascend came, she stood up again and became invincible and stayed for the whole duration of the mission with the mercy prompt over her head, i avoided killing her with the finisher because thats making her a Lich, right? i was the last to leave the mission and she was alive in the end.


back to my Orbiter and she became my new Lich, even tho she never really died in the first place, im confused now, this isnt supposed to happen right? it was changed so that dead/unfinished Larvlings dont become Liches and despawn but now she was even alive in the end... did i miss a new mechanic/change or is this a bug? if so its absolutely annoying and now i gotta grind the afternoon to get her off my back again, having an invincible enemy in the mission was also a slight buggy disturbance.

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Seems strange. At least I think I know why Kuva Liches can get invincible for the rest of the mission. Basically if your Lichs element is Impact, then they can use iron skin, which makes them invulnerable for a short time. And for whatever reason it can happen that they just don't lose their invulnerability from that. It might have something to do with attacking them while they are casting it, but I haven't tested enough to tell exactly what causes that, nor do I really want to investigate.

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