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Though the Plague Star event it basically over it concerns me the that me and several other i ran with were having the following issues for an event that has been out several years now is having . I report this cause when you spend time running missions back to back then lose all progress one has a tendancy to find something else to play or do . Especially when you only have a couple hours to play and u just lost that hour of resources and xp . 1st Falling thru the map while getting on the hover board or doing a ground slam with mele weapons and not beeng able to rejoin group even after back slash unstuck . 2 Mission getting bugged while using bounty tents on the plains defeats the purpose of not having to go in and out of Cetus . for example infested not spawning during 2nd or 3rd run for Plague star . 3 Drone getting stuck on the ridge line when coming from the west of the map .

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