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Hemocyth glitch, here's an easy coding fix when it gets studk inside the boil


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All day today the hemocyth has been getting stuck inside the boil, forcing squads to restart. Not sure how many are affected but from my experience and what I've heard, a significant number of people are experiencing this.


Here's an easy fix:


-DO a region/map cell check, to see if the boss is inside of the boil (if there's no region/cell for boil, create one)
-if it isnt outside of the boil within 5 seconds, automatically teleport it to a random spot outside of the boil (create new region/cell for boil if needed) but obviously within a reasonable distance of the boil, like, 50 meters, excluding the size of the boil.


Possible causes I've observed (none of these confirmed yet):

-excessive ping
-player actions, such as abilities or trying to attack it before it leaves boil

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