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The Future Of Warframe


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Ok so this is just a bunch of ideas and suggestions that I have for the game. Tell me what you think!


The Stalker: 

The Stalker as it is now is pretty dull and boring. So I was thinking it would have been really cool and awesome if the Stalker never announced his arrival and he really just stalks you and fires a few arrows here and there. You have too listen to the sound of his bow as to where he is shooting from so you can find him and then duel him. I think that would be really cool.


New Line Of Primes:

This is not a suggestion on who should be primes at all. This is make a new thing called for example "The Ancients".

These guys guard something lore wise(don't really have much on that). They can go full melee, equip shields and more armor, but not use guns and such. This could be a new approach to a whole new melee combat system. Full melee would be awesome! 


Posing for pictures:

So this is a different one. What I mean by "posing for pictures" is that when you for example are in the clan dojo, you find a really cool place to take a screenshot of your warframe, but you can't really detatch the camera from the warframe itself. So I was thinking, in the dojo, you can take the cameraview to a "free look" kinda thing, this way you can take really awesome screenshots not only just of you, but of as many as you are able to. It's nothing big, just would be a really cool feature. 


Last, but not least! A good sniper rifle that shoots BULLETS. There are so many other weapons, but so little snipers. I know we have the lanka, snipertron vandal(not everyone has this) and that grineer rifle, but a good sniper that shoots bullets would be great! The grineer rifle doesn't count, because it sucks :p


That's it for me! Hope you like the ideas!

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