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"Pipo" - A rare corpus osprey with a twist (spoilers included)


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"Pipo" is a rare mob, which can spawn once during Corpus Missions, if there is no assassin encounter planned for this mission, which will override her.

"So, what's so special?" You may ask.

Pipo is a Tenno-friendly Osprey, colored in a white/pink scheme, the lower part of the wings and metallics being white, but the body and energy color being pinkish (not too pink). One of her wings sports a tiny Corpus sigil, written in Corpii saying "Frohd Bek". Otherwise she doesn't differ in model, except emitting sounds taken from MOA emotion modules. This may also help Tenno to actively locate her, if one wants a challenge.

Phase 1:

When she spots a Tenno, she will go friendly (cannot be shot at) and encircle a random Tenno in the squad, dropping small amounts of common loot, draining her first loot buffer. During this, she will use "friendly" sounds, taken from the MOA Companion Emotion modules and swirl around as if dancing around the Tenno.

Phase 2:

As soon the 1st loot buffer is empty, she will stop encircling and try to lure a Tenno away from it's group by dropping even more small amounts of ressources as breadcrumbs. These are drawn from her 2nd loot buffer, which has a chance to drop uncommon loot.

Phase 3:

When Pipo reached a room far away, she will remain stationary in this room until that Tenno enters it and the door closes. Then she will lockdown this room (the lights on the doors alternate between red and yellow) and transform using the "Void Tear" VFX and SFX into a bizarre combination of an osprey and a semi-"spider", still being able to fly. She still maintains a corpus design, the arms look somewhat reminiscent of a MOA leg. It's wings are tilted to protect the head, giving her some kind of double "hair knot"-style, implying a female osprey. From faraway, she would appear vaguely as an upper torso skeleton with a (pink) skull and two sets of arms. Yes, arms.

Phase 4:

After transformation, she gains a set of arms with tiny MOA similar hands and a set of limbs with MOA guns attached to each, able to rapid fire. She can utilize either set, alternating:

  • Grapple - Pipo tries to grab the Tenno on his neck, using both hands, holding him up close to unleash a barrage of MOA fire from the lower limbs afterwards, followed by a throw. She can alternate (1/32 chance) of punching him 8 times with the guns itself, dealing more damage.
  • Double Lunge - Pipo lunges at the Tenno, similar to an Oxium Osprey, just to U-turn and try to get him from behind while lunging a second time.
  • Carrousel of Surprise: Pipo spins rapidly while shooting, unleashing multiple energy grenades at various angles or mines or (in rare occurences as in 1/512) fails to do so and just drops 1 quantity of rare ressource. She will emit a "confused" SFX (yet again, taken from emotion modules) and sink a few ticks in confusion, halting her fire before returning into another attack cycle.
  • AoE status - She will emit a Magnetic Aura to disrupt a Tenno's HUD for 3 seconds, when he comes too close. Radius apprx. ~10m, cooldown of 30 seconds.
  • Shooting - She will shoot similar to a normal osprey, but with higher precision and lower firerate. Deals a bit more damage. She has to reload.
  • Pin - a 1/4096 chance, she will extract a downed Tenno instantly. (Only, if that Tenno is NOT the host and not in Void Tear or Sortie). Pipo does not work for Alad V.


Yeah, because everything breaks at some point. 

  1. Pipo will not lockdown rooms, which have no console. Pipo will not lockdown dead end rooms, as they are too small to navigate, giving her a deadly advantage otherwise.
  2. When she fails during Phase 2 to lure a Tenno away, either by depleting her 2nd loot buffer or the Tenno remaining near (~50 m) his group, she will transform without a lockdown and gain a pink HUD "Enemy" mark to locate her.
  3. Lockdowns issued by Pipo will remain active until she is defeated. If she doesn't take HEALTH damage or her HP doesn't drop below 70% for 5 minutes, the lockdown can be solved from any console or Tenno in the squad. The lights on the doors turn yellow to indicate it. This protects from getting stuck in a room, where Pipo isn't even in and no one from the Squad can reach her.
  4. Lockdown is revoked on Host Migration.
  5. Pipo will not try to Pin a Tenno in Solo - makes no sense, as there is no downed state during solo play.
  6. Ressources in Phase 1 are dropped outside the Vacuum range, so a Tenno has to go collect it. This will keep prevent triggering Phase 2 by doing nothing.
  7. Pipo in Phase 4 will never go friendly again to counter a weird case, where Pipo in lockdown will be friendly (invulnerable) and the Tenno is trapped in a room.


Yeah, the name isn't that great, but weird things always have wierd names, right?

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Fixed english.
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I kind of like the notion of secret, optional field bosses. I kind of think that Pipo should not truely be a Corpus unit though.

Maybe make her like a weird experiment with an Amalgam Sentient Mimic. Especially if her thing is shape shifting.

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