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Rail jack is bugged, no hud, no crew ships spawning


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So railjack missions are bugged. And also railjack is missing from dry dock half the time. But out of the five times I’ve been in a mission, the hud doesn’t load the number of ships killed/need to be, crewships don’t spawn, and the red diamonds don’t identify the enemy ships. Also, the blue icon designating the location of my railjack doesn’t load when I leave my railjack. All of this four out of five times. 

Also, when I go to abort the mission in one of the times that things didn’t load properly, it says you can’t abort mission cause mission is already completed, and I can’t use navigation to go back to dry dock. Which forces a restart of the software. 

Basically, it’s too buggy to function properly. When will these things be fixed? Seems like it would have been much better to wait to release this until it was working. I know you all worked hard on this, but it’s so unfunctioning, I’m gonna wait to play until this is all fixed. 

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I too have noticed this, it is pretty ridiculous bug and I think I have narrowed down why it happens

was actually gonna make a thread about this but found this first

I think this occurs when you either leave from drydock and go into a mission or you leave from "free roam" space into a mission, right before the jump into hyper space Lotus says congrats on the victory and a Mission success dialogue appears, then you go to the mission from there I believe that mission thinks that it is already completed and is stuck in a Victory state from the moment you arrive, also if you notice you can not abort this mission or at least I cant when this happens, cause it says in a dialogue that the mission is already over, even killing your self to 0 lives will not let you abort and your rail jack is invincible and can not blow up so you have to restart the game.


I also am unsure why Nintendo let this pass through cert I am beginning to lose a little faith in the Nintendo seal of approval here like the op says im sure there is a giga-ton of hard work that went into this but there no point in praising something awesome if it don't work.....a Shiny turd is still a turd.

From what I have played though it is pretty epic and when its working properly its gonna be insane.


and MAD PROPS to all those who made it to Saturn proxima or further not sure how you got there but congrats..


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