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[bug] Shedu polygon distortion on distant snow textures. (pls move)


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So was playing todays sortie and the last leg had us on the Venus outdoor Interception tile and I noticed the polygons where I was firing my Shedu where totally losing their sh....mind. 

Didn't seem to be an issue if I was relatively close and it also didn't seem to happen on the more ground colored texture, so I'm not sure if there is some extra process on the snow textures? There was some definite stretching going on, 


The actual angle of the ground didn't seem to matter, it definitely felt more like a distance thing. 

I also asked some of the other people who where playing with me if they saw it and it was definitely consistently strange across the board. 

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11 minutes ago, Naftius_D._Longus said:

I thought this is intended, and it's not only on snow ground i get this "effect" on every ground.

I've never seen the polygons distort like that and I've been using the Shedu almost exlusively on my Khora since I've gotten it. 

There are the base particle effects and it does toss up some larger polygons during the blasts but it's never been that chunky. I just tried replicating it on Heleen or whatever that Grineer level is called and all I got was the particle effects and the normal ambient polygons getting tossed into the air. Everything appeared as normal, so I really think it's a snow related thing. 

The last time I've seen anything like that was when one of the early(ish) Plains patches broke the ragdolls for the Grineer on the Plains and when they died their polygons would just stretch in a direction and most of the time occlusion would make it invisible but sometimes it would clip directly into the camera.and you'd just get black spots. Once in a great while you'd actually see their body trying to stretch it's way to Lua on death. 

Tho this is much more mellow by comparison. 

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