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Avionics Trading on Consoles



So... Last days I've been trying to farm some battle avionics (void hole, munitions vortex, particle ram, the Fancy avionics i know). Got to say the farm is driving me insane, currently i have nothing left to farm.

So far, 2 guys have told me avionics cannnot be traded bc of the build version in consoles, but 1 guy confirmed me he could trade avionics (he traded bulkhead with his clanmate), and here's my confusion bc I've seen avionics have that 'tradeable' icon as well.

I'm feeling frustrated bc i feel those are the last stuff i need for my rj, but the fact of the build version, and know that DE doesn't have any plan on launch an update for console until after next major update on PC, meaning we console players are not receiving updates until end of Feb or first days of March, man that hurts so much.

Can someone really confirm me if avionics are tradeable on consoles?

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