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Warframe Concept: Mekhane, The Ballistic


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Design/Theme/Inspiration: Minigun, B-2 Spirit, Sci-Fi military 

Health : 200 - 600
Shield : 125 - 375
Armor  : 225
Energy : 150 - 225
Sprint : 1.10

Passive - Belt Fed - Removes the need to reload. All ammo feeds directly into one single magazine. Weapons such as Phantasma, Tenora, Cyanex and Kuva Kraken uses pre-passive magazine size for secondary fire

Ability 1 - Arm Cannons
-Shoots powerful blast from wrist-mounted cannons dealing 100/200/300/400 Blast damage and knocks down enemies within 10/12/14/16 m, 45o cone
-Chargeable [2 secs| +50% armor during charge], deals up to 3x damage
-25-75 Energy

Augment 1 - Flak Cannons: Changes the radial blast into 2 projectiles which release 2/3/4/5 explosive bomblets after hitting an enemy that deals 300 Blast damage each. Charging increases projectile speed and damage

Ability 2 - Ammunition Share
-Spreads passive to all allies within 3/4/5/6 meters for 6/9/12/15 secs and adds 10%/15%/20%/30% bonus gun damage
-75 Energy

Augment 2 - Adaptive Rounds: Firearms now deal additional status effect based on enemy attribute [Corrosive for Armored, Magnetic for Shielded, Gas for Infested Flesh] with 30%/40%/50%/60% status chance. Bonus damage reduced by half

Ability 3 - Absolution Field
-Becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds. Generates a barrier with 400/500/600/800 health [affected by Strength, armor and damage reduction buffs] to block enemy fires. Barrier stores 150% damage taken. When the barrier breaks, deal the stored damage as Slash damage to all enemies within 10/12/14/20 m
-Recastable. Recasting gives 50% additional barrier health and no invulnerability. Hold cast to break barrier early
-75 Energy

Augment 3 - Terror Field: Affected enemies are frightened and have their armor reduced by 5%/10%/15%/20%

Ability 4 - Arsenal Unleashed
-Summons exalted miniguns. Launches 4/6/8/10 homing missiles every 3 seconds dealing 200 Blast damage each. Disables parkour
-25 Energy
-15 Energy per second
-Exalted Minigun [Akcavas]

Augment 4 - Murder Machine: [Akcavas] ignores 30% Armor & Shield and gain infinite punch through. Missiles gain a second, delayed explosion that deals half damage. Only able to hold mode for 6/9/12/15 seconds

Akcavas [Pistol|Exalted]
15 Impact/20 Puncture/15 Slash
50  Fire Rate
50  Accuracy
0.5 PT
20% CC
2.0 CD
20% SC


Vindicator [Shotgun|Launcher]
Launches 3 rockets that explodes into 10 shrapnels each
500 Blast
200 Puncture (Shrapnel) [20 per shrapnel]
1.0 Fire Rate
75  Accuracy
10% CC
2.5 CD
40% SC
4   Mag
150 Max Ammo

Edited by HexArkZero
Added Augments and better descriptions to certain entries
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