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One way to know, is to check here




Personally from having a similar riven, I'll ask if it's been rerolled or not. 


The average, in the graph is pretty close to 50 plat

If rolled, then you might get 100 to 150?

Unrolled up to 200?


Given the status chance buff you got, you can reach 100% status chance, which is very good for a shotgun. Thus putting the riven pretty high up the list in my opinion. 

Crit damage is useful on it, if you spend a slot on blunderbuss. 

Magazine capacity, a little iffy to me. I'm used to the 20 round drum mag. 


I'd actually keep and use it. Especially with acid rounds, the 4 60/60 elemental mods, hellfire rounds and a damage increasing mod of your choice, given your 100% status, I would suggest vicious spread, and go with either blast corrosive, or radiation viral. 

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