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I think I found a way to farm infinite lich weapons off of other players' liches.


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I had just entered a game with a player getting attacked by their lich when they logged off.  Instead of the lich leaving, she turned invisible and began attacking me.  After downing her, the game then decided to let me mercy kill her and since I had her first mod, game let me continue as if she was MY lich.  In fact, I had two of her three.  Now since I didn't have her third, I couldn't tell if she was going to let me vanquish her, but if she did, I think the game would've let me steal her weapon.  Would DE mind bug-testing this scenario to see if the game would've let me take credit for the vanquish, because if it does, then what's to keep players from infinite-farming high-ranking weapons?  Especially since a later update, from what I hear, will let me sell the weapons?

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Yes but from what I've heard, a later update will let me sell JUST the weapon.  And even if it's not the case, being able to trade a seemingly infinite lich army, with a separate accounts' help, will give a ridiculously unfair advantage to someone wishing to exploit this.  And since it was someone else's lich, why would the game give me the option to let me even TRY to fight her?  Why couldn't the game tell my lich wasn't her?

Also, the first two mods of my parazon didn't even match my lich.

I know I just sound paranoid, but without a way for the game to stop it...

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