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New thinks of Atlas


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First sorry for bad english cus I m Traditional Chinese player


There are so many things to say about how Atlas should be changed

1 skill, only aiming at the enemy will be effective and the damage will be unbearable in the long run.
2 skills, only a small piece, the secondary effect is too difficult to use, the
augment mod can not be said to be useless, but the combination of uses itself is really too bad
3 skills, petrochemical becomes the top priority is really disappointed, in terms of use, it can return blood for all products but is most useful
4 skills, in addition to petrochemical summoned things, the summoned things are too low IQ and
poor ability

I would rather do this if I want to change
1 Skill: Press once to rush forward like curry. When assigned to the enemy, it will cause damage. There is a skill combo time. You can complete three consecutive hits by pressing twice in a row, and the last damage is the first. Triple click (
augment mod can be unchanged, it will definitely be very useful if it becomes the last one to release a petrified wave)
2 skills: from a wall into a circular wall composed of five curved walls, can be petrified back to blood, the secondary effect can be shot once again to push the five walls away, after a certain distance shot Walls going out will explode (
augment mod remains unchanged, minor effects of walls are canceled, and blood return effects are proportional to skill strength)
3 skills: the effect of the petrified wave remains the same, instead of punching out instead of shooting with the eyes, but also hitting a ball and spreading again (the
augment mod is the only one that does not need to change at all)
4 Skills: Set the effect of the
augment mod directly (the new augment mod can takes by pvp augment mod and becomes X towards the summoner, and it is proportional to the strength)

Passive skills: It is better to remove the time effect, or to change it like the ice coat of Frost's 4 skill.

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