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Sentinel Weapon for Open World



I been useing Sweeper or Sweeper Prime (4-Forma) since forever because I like the massive damage and don't mind the short range at all.

Hell's Chamber +100% Multishot
Vicious Spread +90% Damage, +60% Spread
Point Blank +90% Damage
Shotgun Spazz +90% Fire Rate
Seeking Force 1m Punch Thru
Charged Shell +90% Electric
Blaze +60% Damage, +60% Heat
Accelerated Blast +60% Fire Rate, +60% Puncture

Things are different on the PoE, however. My Carrier currently does a fair job keeping the infested off of me while I'm trying to mine, but what if he had a longer range?

I'm thinking about the Vulklok (I kept that one which I've never developed). I am concerned by the slow RoF and wonder if it's worth the investment. I'm also looking at the Deth Machine Rifle Prime - I haven't built the Dethcube Prime yet, and wonder if the primed rifle is less of a bad joke than his weak-as-rain-water original rifle was.

Anyone done the comparison? - you can't really tell until you drop forma in them... Thanks!  :redveil:

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2 hours ago, Canach said:

what if he had a longer range?

Assuming you're using Assault Mode with its 30m maximum targeting range,
Sweeper Prime should be doing more than well enough for that
(maybe equip Fatal Acceleration to counteract falloff, and also don't use Vicious Spread I guess).

But in any case, for longer ranges, I'd definitely recommend something hitscan,
so Deth Machine Rifle Prime would be my alternate suggestion (see below).

2 hours ago, (PS4)Mordecai_Vrykul said:

do sentinel weapons really have a use outside of vigilante or gladiator mods?

You're of course not gonna one-shot level 100+ Grineer heavies or anything
(unless maybe you get a lucky headshot with Vulklok, dunno lol)
but Sentinels can most certainly deliver both Status pwnage and not-insignificant damage,
a good Riven of course will very much help with both of these 😛

For example, my DMR Prime ended up with surprisingly potent proc prowess,
I set it up for Viral + Rad + Slash procs galore (yay +Status / +Multishot / +Slash Riven)
and it can tear through even decently-Armor'd enemies ~fast enough I dare say.

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Playing with the Vulklock I already have ATM, potatoed it yesterday and gave it multiple RoF enhancements - liked it well enough and range is now 30m. Going to go ahead and give it at least one forma and see how it does - meanwhile I'm farming for the last 2 DethPrime parts...

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